$1600/full day (10hrs) Director of Photography w/ Sony FS-7

$2200/full day 2-person crew (Director of Photography and audio tech) w/ Sony FS-7

$1800/full day (10hrs) Director of Photography w/ Sony F-55 (XAVC 4K, 2K or HD) and Canon EF lenses

$2400/full day ​(10hrs) 2-person crew (Director of Photography and audio tech) w/ Sony F-55

$1000 ½ day (5hrs) DP w/ Sony FS-7

$150/hr Editing (3hr minimum)

*All rates are portal-to-portal from 33609 and include basic tungsten and LED kits, basic grip kit, support gear and basic audio.

  10hr full days  -  1/2 days are 5hrs
*OT $120/hr DP, $75/hr Audio

A la carte:

$350 Canon 30-105mm Cinema Zoom Lens EF/PL

$450 Canon 17-120mm Cinema Servo Zoom Lens EF

$100 Canon CN-E 135mm prime Cinema lens

$100 Canon CN-E 85mm prime Cinema lens

$100 Canon CN-E 14mm prime Cinema lens
$150 Losmandy Porta-Jib traveller
$200 Dana Dolly w/ 6-ft straight or curved track, dolly stands
$75 extra Lectrosonics UCR411
$120 17-inch Panasonic LCD
$125 Joker 200 or 400 watt HMI
$50 Edelkrone Slider

​$250 Kessler Second Shooter Plus motorized slider 

I work with some of the best producers, writers, field producers, audio techs, gaffers, production assistants, make-up artists in the region.

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